Formatted Text-to-HTML Tool

Do you ever need to convert formatted text to nice, clean HTML? I've created a simple tool to help with that.

You can copy your styled text from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Google Drive, Google Docs, OpenOffice, or what-have-you, and paste it into the rich text editor. You can even tidy up your text as it's a WYSIWYG editor.

I've added optional filters:

  • Convert Smart Quotes to normal quotes.  Microsoft products are notorious for automatially using curvy Smart Quotes instead of the standard quote, apostrophe, etc. This option cleans up those characters.
  • Trim spaces from each line. This option converts non-breaking spaces to normal spaces and then trims the excess from the ends of lines.
  • Remove empty paragraphs. Does what it says on the tin. I suggest turning on the trim spaces option so that empty paragraphs can be recognized and removed.

Click the Get HTML button and, voila, you've got some cleaner HTML.

Try out the Formatted Text-to-HTML Tool.